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KitTags - One glance, no mistake

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Personalised in Wiltshire for six years. Eight colours, one glance, no mistake!

Spotting the right bags on an airport carousel or in a pile at school or Uni has never been easy – KitTags, personalised luggage tags, which help solve the problem. KitTags come in two sizes and seven funky colours, attaching easily to rucksacks, sports bags, ski kit, holiday luggage or any other item.

KitTags are perfect for:
- Regular travellers
- Schoolchildren
- Military personnel

KitTags Combi, Mini KitTags Zap, KitTags

Available in two sizes and eight colours, 16.5cm KitTags and 13cm Mini KitTags are made of tough nylon webbing stitched to flat, braided cord, topped with a sealed thermoplastic cap. KitTags lessen the chance of picking up the wrong suitcase at the airport or children bringing home the wrong school-bag!

From our workshops in Wiltshire we embroider and print to your requirements.

For corporate customers we can add logos on one side and names to the other, perfect for corporate events.

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